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A.Vogel Neem Cream

A.Vogel Neem Cream


Neem Cream gets to work on troubled skin, helping to calm irritation and soothe red, sensitive areas – perfect for those prone to eczema. Skin itchy and bumpy? The application of Neem Cream also soothes and brings comfort to areas that have flared up after unknown allergies, an over-reaction to the sun or insect bites, helping the skin recover.

A.Vogel’s Neem cream, containing the ethanolic extract of neem leaves, is a very popular herbal cream.Neem trees may be widely found on the Indian subcontinent and many parts of the tree are used for their distinct health promoting and protective properties. Neem trees grow easily and are said to live up to 200 years!


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Product Description

  • Comforting for sensitive skin prone to flare-ups
  • Great for calming irritated skin
  • Contains hints of rosemary and eucalyptus oil
  • 100% vegetarian and cruelty-free
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