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Women & Kids Health

Women & Kids Health

From adolescence, pregnancy to menopause, women’s bodies are in constant flux, which means so are the nutrient needs. Making sure your body is always getting the nutrients it requires .Iron, essential for transporting oxygen throughout the body and preventing anemia is crucial for young women and those during child-bearing years. Folic acid, among many other nutrients, is important during pregnancy to ensure the health of mom and the healthy growth and development of baby.In addition, calcium and vitamin D are integral for optimal bone health. Healthy eating helps set the foundation for healthy children. Many nutrients available in food, such as calcium, B vitamins, omega-3s and vitamin D are key to their physical and cognitive growth and development. A deficiency in any of these important nutrients can lead to a lowered immune system, poor concentration, skin conditions, allergies and other common ailments. Fortunately, there are easy ways to ensure your child is getting all the necessary nutrients required to be their healthiest selves—and they are kid-approved!



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