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Men Weight Loss Plan-1 Month

Product Description

Fitboost brings to you a healthy and effective way to achieve your desired weight loss goal. The Fitboost Nutritionist service provides you with a one on one personalized consultation designed keeping in mind your individual weight loss goals with a trained and certified nutritionist. Our nutritionist will help you: –
– Understand if your current lifestyle and eating habits are healthy and in tune with your weight loss goals
– Build a customised diet plan that suits your daily routine
– Suggest habit changes which may be necessary for you in order to achieve your desired weight

In addition to helping you achieve your weight loss goals, our trained and certified nutritionists are also skilled in managing lifestyle disorders like hypertension, hypothyroidism, diabetes, cholesterol and fatty liver. So, if you or anyone in your family is suffering from one of these disorders or may be at risk, don’t waste any more time and consult our expert nutritionist right away


What all is Included?
  • Consultations with our trained and certified nutritionist
  • Unlimited chat support
  • Customised diet plan designed according to your needs
  • Fitness advice and workout plans that suits your weight loss goals

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Stay Fit, Weight Loss

Stay Fit, Weight Loss



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