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Quest Ubiquinol Qu10 30s

Quest Ubiquinol Qu10 30s


Co Q10 is found naturally in cells throughout the body, particularly in the mitochondria which are involved in cellular energy production.

Ubiquinol Qu10 contains synergistic vitamin B6 which contributes to normal energy-yielding metabolism and to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. CoQ10 supplementation is recommended for patients on cholesterol-lowering statin medications which lower CoQ10 levels in the body increasing the risk of adverse effects such as pain and muscle weakness.

CoQ10 is indicated to be helpful for increasing energy levels, athletic endurance, and sperm motility, it may also maintain gum health and reduce blood pressure levels.


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Product Description

  • Recommended as a co-prescription with statins to reduce side effects such as myopathy and fatigue and for general tiredness and fatigue
  • Provides 100mg of bio-available ubiquinol per tablet
  • An innovative stabilised form of ubiquinol Co Q10
  • Contains synergistic vitamin B6 to aid metabolism of Co Q10
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