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Phedracut Lipo X Gold

Phedracut Lipo X Gold


This fat burner is designed to kick-start thermogenesis in the body, increase energy expenditure, transform your fat cell structure, give you focus, energy and to control cravings/ appetite.


Pearl white gelatine capsules containing light brown powder with white and dark speckles.


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Product Description


PhedraCut Lipo X Gold contains Meratrimâ„¢ which assists with the prevention of fat cell formation and the breakdown of fat cells. Caffeine Anhydrous provides energy and focus. EnXtraâ„¢ boosts the effect of caffeine in the product and provides energy and focus for long periods of time without causing a crash. Improves alertness, focus and motivation. Paradoxineâ„¢ is a new addition to the PhedraCut formulation which provides increased energy expenditure, increased fat loss (changes the structure of fat cells from stored fat to usable fat)*. Chromium has been added for the maintenance of normal blood glucose levels as well as L-theanine which aids with anxiety and stress-relief, focus, concentration, motivation, better blood pressure control. *Only effective when combined with a balanced, energy-restricted eating plan and regular physical activity.

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