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NOW Xylitol 454g

NOW Xylitol 454g


NOW Real Food® Xylitol is the incredible natural sweetener that more and more people are turning to as an ideal substitute for sugar. Unlike sugars such as sucrose and fructose, this naturally occurring sugar alcohol won’t promote tooth decay, has a low glycemic impact and has around one-third the calories of other sugars, making it a natural sweetener that’s hard to beat.

Xylitol looks, and has the same texture as sugar. Side by side, it can be difficult to distinguish one from the other. With regards to taste, Xylitol is sweet, but not nearly as overpowering as conventional table sugar. Finally, it mixes instantly in beverages and easily takes the place of sugar in baking applications.

Xylitol is absorbed and utilized at a much slower pace than sugar, and therefore does not cause blood sugar and insulin levels to spike in the manner that sugar does. From a metabolic perspective, Xylitol has an extremely low glycemic rating or 7, while refined sugar is closer to 100.

NOW Real Food® Xylitol is derived from non-GMO corn and is the perfect substitute for sugar in almost any application.


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Product Description

  • Pure Xylitol
  • Keto Diet Friendly
  • Low Glycemic Impact
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