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Nature’s Plus Source of Life Men’s 60’s

Nature’s Plus Source of Life Men’s 60’s


The winning Source of Life whole food-based multi-vitamin and mineral supplement features bioflavonoids, lipids, plant pigments, amino acids, nucleic acids, and herbs for synergistic nutritional support. Source of Life Men is specially designed for men’s needs, supplying precisely crafted levels of key nutrients known to support men’s health and well-being.

  • Spirulina, one of nature’s perfect whole foods
  • Saw palmetto, pumpkin seed, and lycopene for targeted support of healthy prostate function
  • Alpha lipoic acid and high-potency vitamin E for a healthy longevity
  • Specific amino acids (L-alanine, L-glutamine, and L-glycine) for unique nutritional support for the male reproductive system
  • High potency OptiZinc brand zinc monomethionine for healthy muscles and a healthy reproductive system
  • Rhodiola, the adaptogenic herb for stamina and strength, plus high potency B vitamins to help overcome the effects of stress
  • Contains no iron


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Product Description

Nutritional Support for Natural Energy Production and Overall Well-Being in Men.
Source of Life Men…Energy for the Life You Live!

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