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Higher Nature Magnesium Effervescent 200mg 20s

Higher Nature Magnesium Effervescent 200mg 20s


Do you often feel anxious? Are you easily stressed? If so, you may benefit from topping up your magnesium intake. Signs that you may be low in magnesium include anxiety, low resilience to stress, poor sleep, fatigue, restless legs, eye twitches, PMS, muscular cramps, and low mood. Magnesium is an essential mineral needed for over 300 processes in the body including energy production, muscle, and nerve function as well as the structure of bones and teeth. This powerful mineral is also proven to aid relaxation and contribute to a reduction in stress and fatigue. Magnesium may be depleted in the body by a diet low in whole grains, vegetables, nuts, and seeds and a high intake of sugar and refined foods.


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Product Description

  • Tasty Effervescent Tablets
  • Well Absorbed and Tolerated forms of Magnesium
  • 200mg of Magnesium per Tablet
  • A pleasant tasting and convenient formula providing 200mg magnesium per soluble effervescent tablet.
  • It is sweetened naturally with steviol glycosides, extracted from the stevia plant
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