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A.Vogel Stinging Nettle (Urtica) Drops

A.Vogel Stinging Nettle (Urtica) Drops


Urtica is considered by Phytotherapists to be an excellent blood tonic, being able to provide nutritional support to the body. Menopausal women may find it helpful in reducing hot flashes. Urtica is better known by its common name, the Stinging Nettle, which only too clearly defines the reason for its general unpopularity. Its usefulness was known as far back as Roman times and Alfred Vogel encouraged its growth within his fields. Today A. Vogel gardeners carefully nurture their crop and twice each year harvest the fresh plant tops for use in this tincture.


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Product Description

  • Great for your hair and nails!
  • Good at supporting the health of your bladder
  • Useful for gently easing pain
  • Suitable for children over the age of 12
  • Organically cultivated and produced using freshly harvested herbs
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