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A.Vogel Plantago Tincture

A.Vogel Plantago Tincture


Ear infections are very common in children, affecting 20%-40% of children under six years of age. The Eustachian tube regulates pressure in, and clears fluid from, the middle ear. Obstruction of the Eustachian tube leads first to the build-up of fluid and then, if bacteria start to grow, a bacterial infection. Glue ear is the result of chronic ear infection and leads to hearing loss through fluid accumulation in the middle ear. By clearing and strengthening the ear, nose and throat tract, Plantago helps resolve and protect against ear infections. Many people suffer from catarrhal congestion, experiencing excess catarrh on a long-term basis. Diet is often relevant in catarrhal conditions, with white flour, sugar and dairy foods being common culprits. Plantago, through its anticatarrhal action, helps disperse accumulated congestion. This familiar meadow plant is one of the most commonly used by herbalists. Alfred Vogel knew that the effectiveness of Plantago was greatly enhanced by it being cultivated organically, free from any contaminants.


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Product Description

  • Helpful in relieving congestion
  • Also useful for expelling catarrh
  • Soothing for ear infections and tinnitus
  • No nasty ingredients – all natural here!
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